We at Mama's Zanie-rooz wish for every one of you to have a great time!! All we ask is that you respect others as you wish to be respected along with following a few rules and guidelines as listed below. We value all chatters' rights to privacy. We will not audit or save transcripts of your room, nor will we packet sniff ( read whispers). Any op caught packet sniffing will be fired immediately. If you have a problem within your room we ask that you save the transcript and contact a member of the staff for further assistance. What you say and do in your room is your business and will remain that way until you deem it necessary to call for help from a staff member. The owners and staff will not be held responsible and/or accountable for any thing that offends you or damages your computer while on this server. We, the admin at Mama's Zanierooz reserve the right to expel and ban any misuse of the server and/or names of staff.

1. No dis-respect to any staff member.
2. No harassing other users.
3. Do not have admin, sysop or mama's zanierooz in your ident or nick or try in any way to show that you represent management or staff of Mama's Zanierooz. Guessing or attempting to guess op or admin passwords will get you a lifetime ban.
4. Do not blatantly advertise other servers.
5. No nuking
6. No server wide spamming - Keep it to your own room if you feel you have the need to do so.
7. Absolutely no war scripts.
8. No mass cloning - Three(3) connections at one time is more than plenty.
9. No bots are allowed unless prior permission has been granted by the admin of Mama's Zanierooz
10. No Wingate's or proxies that try to hide your true ip#. The server itself catches those and we will not unban this infraction.

Should you be banned from Mama's Zanierooz you will know the reason. Personal issues will not be a factor. There are certain circumstances which neither you or we purposely did wrong. If you got caught in a wildcard ban, that is easy to fix just send an email to any staff member with your ip number and nick. To get your ip number go to start, programs and find a dos prompt, double click it to open and when it opens (usually on C:\windows) type ipconfig /all and you will see your ip number. send that and your nick to any op and we will give you a grant. You can e-mail us by clicking here: Mama's ZanieroozType exit and hit enter to close the dos prompt. Wildcard bans are necessary on most dialup connections because of the changing ip numbers every time they connect. It is the only way to keep the bad and disruptive people off the server.  An example of a wildcard ban is /access $ add deny *!*@123.45.* now if your ip is 123.45.67 you would be caught in it because we used the * after the .45 that means any numbers following .45 would be banned, but it is easy enough to get a grant and you would be fine. Banning people is not something we like to do, nor do we make a habit of it unless we absolutely have to. Any questions e-mail us by clicking here Mama's Zanierooz

From The Staff at
Mama's Zanie-Rooz